• Turkey-Syria offensive: Not our problem, says Donald Trump
    His remarks come after Turkey launched an attack into Syria as US troops withdrew from the area.[continuare...]
  • Brexit: 'No deal tonight', UK government source says
    UK and EU officials are continuing technical talks, but there is no sign of a breakthrough ahead of Thursday's summit.[continuare...]
  • Sandy Hook shooting: Parent awarded $450,000 for defamation
    A massacre denier is told to compensate the father of a child killed in the 2012 school shooting.[continuare...]
  • Hong Kong lawmakers disrupt Carrie Lam's address
    Several pro-democracy legislators waved placards and chanted slogans, while standing on desks.[continuare...]
  • Vitruvian Man: Da Vinci piece to go on display in Louvre
    Leonardo da Vinci's iconic drawing is bound for the Louvre - despite fears for its safety.[continuare...]
  • Kim Jong-un: North Korean leader rides horse up sacred mountain
    Images of Kim Jong-un astride a white steed on Mount Paektu fuel speculation of a major announcement.[continuare...]
  • Jailed British tourists entered US 'deliberately'
    Officials say two of the adults had previously been denied travel authorisation to the US.[continuare...]
  • Dark web child abuse: Hundreds arrested across 38 countries
    The site, run from South Korea, had hundreds of thousands of videos containing child abuse.[continuare...]
  • Dutch farm mystery: Man suspected of holding family against will
    A 58-year-old man will appear in court suspected of holding a family in a farm's secret room.[continuare...]
  • Ocasio-Cortez 'set to endorse Bernie Sanders for president'
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a leading progressive figure, looks set to give Bernie Sanders' campaign a boost.[continuare...]
  • Thailand: Giant 4m-long king cobra caught in sewer
    A giant king cobra was discovered in a Thai housing estate - and catching it wasn't easy.[continuare...]
  • Professor accused of selling ancient Bible parts
    It is alleged 11 items from a collection held at Oxford University were sold by Prof Dirk Obbink.[continuare...]
  • Nasa unveils new spacesuit for next Moon landing
    The agency reveals a prototype for a lunar surface spacesuit to fit all shapes and sizes.[continuare...]
  • Egypt archaeologists find 20 ancient coffins near Luxor
    The coffins, whose decorations are still visible, were uncovered at a Theban necropolis near Luxor.[continuare...]
  • Pakistan royal visit: Kate's outfits draw Diana comparisons
    Is the Duchess of Cambridge putting a modern twist on garments the Princess of Wales wore years ago?[continuare...]
  • California energy facility explosion
    Two large fuel tanks were destroyed after an explosion at the facility in northern California.[continuare...]
  • Yikes! Fox and rodent battle is top wildlife photo
    A shot of a predator-prey confrontation wins the 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.[continuare...]
  • Why scientists are ‘listening’ to the Matterhorn
    Sparked by an unexpected rockfall, researchers placed sensors on the mountain to monitor the site.[continuare...]
  • SOS spotted on camera saves missing Australian camper
    Missing for days, Deborah Pilgrim was rescued after a man performed a remote check on his property.[continuare...]
  • Unmanned ship to go on 400-year-old journey across the Atlantic
    UK-based team to chart unprecedented waters with fully autonomous sea journey.[continuare...]
  • World's first artificial womb for humans
    Doctors in the Netherlands say they are within 10 years of creating a 'second' womb for premature babies.[continuare...]
  • Russia spy case: Is Paul Whelan a hostage of Russia or a spy?
    The British family of a man accused of spying in Moscow has called on the UK government to do more to secure his release.[continuare...]
  • Jennifer Aniston joins Instagram by posting Friends reunion photo
    The actress makes a possibly record-breaking Instagram debut with a selfie with her former co-stars.[continuare...]
  • Channel Tunnel: Five things you may not know
    To mark the Channel Tunnel's 25th anniversary the BBC was given exclusive access behind the scenes.[continuare...]
  • Why Romania is importing waste from abroad
    Landfills in Romania are overflowing as half of the waste recycled is imported, mostly from Europe.[continuare...]
  • Russian rappers battle police over protests
    Several Russian musicians have released songs to denounce police actions during recent protests in Moscow.[continuare...]
  • Why won't Democrats vote to authorise impeachment?
    Republicans have demanded a full House vote to initiate the impeachment inquiry. They're backed by history.[continuare...]
  • Have UK voters changed their minds on Brexit?
    Where do voters stand on Brexit, after more than three years of debate and negotiation?[continuare...]
  • Viewpoint: Syria could be beginning of end for Trump
    Syria is a disaster of the president's own making and could cost him the election, says PJ Crowley.[continuare...]
  • And 'Lo!' - How the internet was born
    Interface Message Processors built the Arpanet, which led to the internet of today.[continuare...]
  • Saudi Arabia warms to Russia
    Saudi Arabia rolls out the red carpet for Vladimir Putin, signalling a seismic shift in relations.[continuare...]
  • Brexit talks: A message to UK from Central Europe
    The BBC's Bethany Bell speaks to politicians about Brexit ahead of the EU summit this week.[continuare...]
  • Indian skyscrapers to be brought down in controlled implosions
    Thousands of people will watch their homes implode in southern India after a high court ruling.[continuare...]
  • Bulgarian football and its problem with racism
    Could Bulgaria's latest football racism scandal change how it deals with the problem?[continuare...]
  • Catalonia crisis: Tempers fray as jail terms renew Spain row
    Roads and rail links were severed and protests erupted after Catalan leaders were jailed for sedition.[continuare...]
  • Turkey-Syria offensive: Disastrous moment for US Mid-East policy
    The Americans' departure is a victory for Syria, Russia and Iran, writes the BBC's Jeremy Bowen.[continuare...]
  • Bulgarian police make six arrests following racist abuse of England players
    Six Bulgarian football fans suspected of subjecting black England players to racist abuse are detained following police raids.[continuare...]
  • La Liga want Barca v Real match switching from Nou Camp to Bernabeu over civil unrest fears
    La Liga ask for El Clasico on 26 October to be moved from Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium to Real Madrid's Bernabeu over fears of civil unrest.[continuare...]
  • F1 reveal plan for race around Miami Dolphins' NFL stadium
    Formula 1 says it has an agreement in principle with the owners of the Miami Dolphins NFL stadium to hold a race in the Florida city from 2021.[continuare...]
  • Paul Pogba: Manchester United midfielder to miss Premier League match against Liverpool
    Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is ruled out of Sunday's Premier League encounter with leaders Liverpool.[continuare...]
  • Man City held by Atletico in home leg of Women's Champions League tie
    Manchester City have to settle for a draw in the home leg of their Champions League last-16 tie with Atletico Madrid.[continuare...]
  • Uefa punishes Lazio for fans' racism
    Uefa orders a partial closure of Lazio's stadium for the Italian club's next European home game following the racist behaviour of their fans.[continuare...]