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  • Trump Team, Opening Defense, cuses Democrats of Plot to Subvert Election
    President Trump’s lawyers argued against his removal in the Senate impeachment trial, saying Democrats are “asking you to tear up all of the ballots” by convicting him of high crimes and misdemeanors.[continuare...]
  • Trump Impeachment: Highlights of Saturday’s Trial
    After a three-day presentation from House Democrats, President Trump’s lawyers took the stage in a short Saturday session to begin arguing against his removal. Here were the highlights.[continuare...]
  • Tape Made Public of Trump Discussing Ukraine With Donors
    The recording from a dinner in 2018 showed that the president spent an hour with two key players in the Ukraine pressure campaign. He has repeatedly said he does not know them.[continuare...]
  • Lamar Alexander, Set to Leave Office, Is G.O.P. Wild Card on Witnesses
    The Tennessee Republican was a protege of Senator Howard H. Baker Jr., another Republican from Tennessee, who turned against Richard Nixon. Now Mr. Alexander may hold the fate of President Trump in his hands.[continuare...]
  • Pompeo Denounces News Media, Undermining U.S. Message on Press Freedom
    In an extraordinary statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized a veteran NPR reporter, Mary Louise Kelly, and said the news media was “unhinged.”[continuare...]
  • Effects of Coronavirus Begin Echoing Far From Wuhan Epicenter
    Hong Kong closed its schools for several weeks, Beijing began limiting bus travel in and out of the capital and China’s travel association suspended tour groups of citizens heading overseas.[continuare...]
  • China’s Omnivorous Markets Are in the Eye of a Lethal Outbreak Once Again
    The coronavirus that has spread from Wuhan has been linked to the sale of live wildlife at a market that experts describe as a perfect incubator for novel pathogens.[continuare...]
  • Coronavirus Live Updates: Death Toll Reaches 56, as Shanghai Is Hit
    Hundreds of medical personnel are being deployed to Wuhan and affected areas to treat the ill and stem the outbreak.[continuare...]
  • ‘Good Not to Be In Washington’: Senators Return to Iowa for Burst of Campaigning
    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar hit the 2020 campaign trail on Saturday during a break in the impeachment trial.[continuare...]
  • Des Moines Register Endorses Elizabeth Warren as Iowa Caucuses Approach
    Iowa’s most influential newspaper called Ms. Warren “the best leader for these times,” making its selection just over a week before the state’s caucuses.[continuare...]
  • As ‘American Dirt’ Racks Up Sales, Its Author Becomes the Story
    Jeanine Cummins’s novel about migrants fleeing violence is a hit with booksellers, but critics have called it “trauma porn” that exploits another country’s pain.[continuare...]
  • Modern Love Podcast: Jessalyn Gilsig Reads ‘My Secret Left Me Unable to Help’
    The “Glee” actress reads an essay that asks: Is it all right to invade your children’s privacy in order to protect them?[continuare...]
  • Women, Burdened With Unpaid Labor, Bear Brunt of Global Inequality
    While billionaires, most of them men, continue to accumulate wealth, women around the world are trapped in poverty because they spend much of their time on “uncompensated” work.[continuare...]
  • Introducing ‘Beyond the World War II We Know’
    Here are five articles from The Times you might have missed.[continuare...]
  • What if It Were Obama on Trial?
    Consider Trump’s impeachment from some other angles.[continuare...]
  • How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder?
    Australia is going up in flames, and its government calls for resilience while planning for more coal mines.[continuare...]
  • Day 5 of Trump’s Trial: The Defense Opens
    The White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, promised to make quick work of the House managers’ case against the president.[continuare...]
  • Of All Trump’s Defenses, This Is the Lamest
    Only the voters can send the president packing? That’s a joke.[continuare...]
  • Minutes of the Monthly Chapter Meeting: Influencers’ Union L39
    The chairperson called the meeting to order by banging a selfie stick against a rustic drum.[continuare...]
  • Can Western Firms Stop Profiting From Poor Nations’ Corruption?
    The daughter of Angola’s former president may face charges of corruption that was made easier by established business advisers.[continuare...]
  • Trump’s Best Defense
    It’s that he wants to be L.B.J., not Mussolini. (But that’s still a problem.)[continuare...]
  • Notorious D.J.T. on Trial
    Fidget spinners and spinning Republicans make the best of a bad case for Donald John Trump.[continuare...]
  • You Are Now Remotely Controlled
    Surveillance capitalists control the science and the scientists, the secrets and the truth.[continuare...]
  • Scandalize! Minimize! Repeat as Necessary
    Right-wing media have been laying the groundwork for Trump’s acquittal for half a century.[continuare...]
  • Why Democrats Still Have to Appeal to the Center, but Republicans Don’t
    Polarization has changed the two parties — just not in the same way.[continuare...]
  • Can the Grammys Be Trusted?
    Younger artists have been suspicious of the music industry’s “biggest night” for years. New allegations of misconduct at the Recording ademy seem to confirm the worst.[continuare...]
  • Bowen Yang of ‘S.N.L.’ Is a Smash. And a Mensch.
    The show’s first Chinese-American cast member talks resisting conversion therapy, playing politicians and quitting Twitter.[continuare...]
  • I Quit Sex for 12 Years
    It was no mean feat for Sophie Fontanel. In France, love of sex is expected.[continuare...]
  • Russell Simmons Documentary Premieres Amid Controversy
    The filmmakers behind “On the Record” thanked Sundance for “standing strong and never blinking” after Oprah Winfrey backed out as an executive producer.[continuare...]
  • Voting by Phone Gets a Big Test, but There Are Concerns
    Some voters in the Seattle area will be able to cast a mobile ballot for an obscure election.[continuare...]
  • Papyrus Is Shutting All Its Stores
    Schurman Fine Papers, which also owns American Greetings and Carlton Card stores, filed for bankruptcy on Thursday.[continuare...]
  • Iraq Police Crack Down on Protests as Influential Cleric Withdraws Support
    Security forces took back bridges and squares in Baghdad and Basra after the prominent Shiite cleric, Moktada al-Sadr, said he would no longer intervene on protesters’ behalf.[continuare...]
  • Bulgaria Charges 3 Russian Agents in Poisoning Case
    The trio, members of a secretive group within Russia’s military intelligence agency, are accused of trying to kill an arms dealer, his son and one of his top executives in 2015.[continuare...]
  • Art Experts Warn of a Surging Market in Fake Prints
    Spurred by advances in photomechanical reproduction, forgers are increasingly selling unauthorized copies of famous works on the internet, and elsewhere.[continuare...]
  • Ousted From Washington, Ex-Spy Valerie Plame Asks Voters to Send Her Back
    Ms. Plame is celebrating her C.I.A. past in a race for a congressional seat. But as she finds herself cast as an outsider, she’s running into trouble.[continuare...]
  • Why Shiny New Tech Companies Love Old Industrial Buildings
    A generation of workers is rejecting cookie-cutter office space, opting instead for the manufacturing lofts that once defined New York City.[continuare...]
  • A (Former) Night Owl’s Guide to Becoming a Morning Person
    I love staying up late, but I hate struggling through the mornings. Here’s how I adapted, and how you can, too.[continuare...]
  • 8 Ways to Work Smarter in 2020
    Tips to be happier, wiser and more self-aware.[continuare...]
  • Organize Your Fridge (and Keep It Neat)
    A handful of simple items can help you organize your fridge the way the pros do, to avoid wasting both food and time.[continuare...]
  • We’re Living in a Subscriptions World. Here’s How to Navigate It.
    Subscription services like Netflix and Google Drive are convenient, but we can lose control of our content and data. Here’s how to take it back.[continuare...]
  • What to Do With a Day Off
    Step one: Give yourself permission to actually take the day off.[continuare...]
  • Sounds of the City
    We sent four photographers to capture New York’s soundscape in images. Here’s what they saw (and heard).[continuare...]
  • David Corenswet, a Breakout Star in ‘The Politician,’ Takes Flight
    The young actor also has a lead role in Ryan Murphy’s next Netflix feature, “Hollywood.”[continuare...]
  • End Your Meal Elegantly With Candied Oranges
    They are as beautiful as French glacéed fruits but easier to make and much more refreshing.[continuare...]
  • Rejecting the Name My Parents Chose
    I was named for the main character in “Little Women.” Changing my name may be the most Jo March-like decision I could have made.[continuare...]
  • ‘Parasite’ Director Bong Joon Ho’s Must-See Movies: Where to Watch
    Dark, hilarious, thrilling and bewildering, this Korean director is getting everyone’s attention.[continuare...]
  • Bumblebee Vomit: Scientists Are No Longer Ignoring It
    Regurgitation is an important consideration when it comes to the process of pollination.[continuare...]
  • Alone on a Mountaintop, Awaiting a Very Hard Rain
    Decades ago, Armenian scientists built a high-elevation trap to catch and study cosmic rays. Physics has mostly moved on, but the station persists — a ghost observatory with a skeleton crew.[continuare...]
  • At the Bottom of the Sea, They Wait to Feast on Alligators
    Usually the large reptiles feed on other creatures. But scientists found a surprise at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.[continuare...]
  • Run a First Marathon, and Your Arteries May Look 4 Years Younger
    Training for and finishing a marathon can leave arteries more flexible, healthy and biologically younger than before.[continuare...]
  • Emotional Schiff Speech Goes Viral, Delighting the Left and Enraging the Right
    Representative Adam B. Schiff took a risk in telling senators they must convict and remove President Trump because “you know you can't trust this president to do what's right for this country.”[continuare...]